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Medical Records Digitization /Healthcare Document Scanning Services

Do you need to scan your healthcare records so that you can save them online and access them later? Are you a hospital or a clinic looking forward to digitize your patient records?

Whether you are an individual or a healthcare provider, MyMedicalRecordsWeb.com can help you to keep your healthcare records online. 

How to digitize your records:


  • If you want to do this yourself, you can create accounts for yourself or your staff for free and start digitizing your health records. Use the following link to create a free profile for yourself as a healthcare provider and start digitizing your healthcare records:
  • If you have a huge amount of data/paper records, we can help you do it faster. Please get in touch with the Contact Us page, or call +91 9501670090 so that we can help you out. 

If you would like to get your hard copy/paper medical records scanned & made available on this website for you to access online, please mail your documents to: 
IdentityWings Web Solutions,

Booth 10, New Booths, Sector 7C, Chandigarh, India